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I was browsing the news headlines, and I came across this article. The site referred to in the article is advising Americans move to Canada to take advantage of the some 93,000 newly created jobs- 10,000 more jobs created than in the US.

I personally have a sore spot for advice such as this do to that fact that in post secondary school I acquired a fairly specific set of job skills. These skills would be best put to use in places such as the Gulf of Mexico, however, Canadians such as me are denied work visas despite that fact that US companies are unable to fulfill their manpower requirements.   Those who are not doctors or some profession where the US has failed to produce workers who exceed their Canadian counterparts are stuck on our side of the border.   They are then forced to fight for work in a somewhat saturated job market.

Now, I am not an expert on rules for issuing visas, but I have a suspicion that Canadian laws aren’t as strict as American.  This will lead to Canadians competing for jobs against Americans without the same reciprocation occurring on American soil.
More than likely I am wrong about situations like this, but nonetheless I feel that the highway of work is a one way street despite us being neighbours.


What is this strange place? It feels familiar yet not all at the same time. I should visit here again and explore this strange feeling.

So this installment of Mr. & Mrs X will be the first but it is the most recent so it’s a little out-of-order. It all goes back to Wed Feb 3 2010, when the water main for our street broke. This resulted in us not having clean water for a few days, so thursday the water comes on, but a main on the other street so off goes the water again. Friday comes and I head off to Halifax to pick up some diving gear, I return home roughly around 5 pm and the water in the tub is running. I yell through the house to see who is home and what is happening with the water….no one is home. So i check the tub and its running dirty water, I check on the work crew’s progress and they are filling in the hole for the broken water main.

Success our water is fixed! But why is the tub running with no one home? Did they gamble that they could let it clean the pipes out and go to work, and when I came home I could turn it off? What if I didn’t come home when I did? What if there was enough dirt and such to stop the drain and flood the tub? All these questions valid but I was home so problem solved. I continue through the house turning on the other cold water taps to help clean out the pipes. Shortly the water is crystal clear, and I work my way back to the tub. I reach over to turn off the cold water, but it’s already off… so its clear to me that for some reason they decided to turn the hot water on. I thought to myself that this was done to clean out the hot water tank that must have become tainted during all the fixing. So I turn of the tap and head to the breaker panel to turn the water heater back on…. it’s already on…. clearly I have given Mr. and Mrs. X too much credit. Now I am stuck wondering how long have they been running the water, and how long has the heater been trying to heat water that is running endlessly. Does the water heater even work? Has this ruined the elements? Later I turn on the hot water and its hot, hallelujah! My moron house mates haven’t ruined life.

Saturday I worked and avoided the two failed abortions, sunday I was at my boss’s for the Super Bowl. Today I come home and question Mrs. X on whose idea it was to leave the water running and then leaving for work. She looks at me as if she just had a mild explosive device go off in her brain (à la Mission Impossible 3) and asks what I am talking about. I explain to her what I found when I came home to an empty house on friday night, still doesn’t have an answer. So I leave her to stew in her stupidity and return to my room. About 10 minutes later Mrs. X knocks on my door with an explanation for these less than advised actions.

Apparently to the stunned Mrs. X she was in the shower when the city workers turned it off to finish the pipe. Thats right, upon running out of water  Mrs. X just walk away from the tub and goes about her day and leaves for work never once turning of the tap she had obviously turned on to have a shower. So I am left with a situation that goes from an unadvised gamble on making efficient use of time to clean the pipes to an incident involving a woman who, as far as I can tell her body clearly excommunicated her brain.

Apple’s tablet has arrived! We all saw it coming, the rumor mill was in overdrive for weeks leading up to Apple’s keynote. Most Apple fanboys seemed partial to the name “iSlate” but Apple with all their creativity and genius gave it the most clever name ever…the “iPad”.

Yup even though it does just look like a oversized iPhone on steroids, and operate just like one (minus the phone bit) right down to the fact there is no multitasking despite the new chip apple designed for it.

You can browse the web, as long as you don’t require a flash plugin, yup the browsing software doesn’t support flash.

This is a shot of Digby’s harbor, where all the fisherman unload their catch. Except for that building that says “Casey” on it. Nobody sells to them haha, our crew uses them to ship our sea urchins to the states for processing. Missing from this picture is the actual fishing boats that are just off frame to the right.  I borrowed this picture from my cousin, it seemed nicer than any I have taken lately because winter makes them ugly. But credit where credit is due, you can check his photo page on Facebook here.  But why are you in Digby NS? Well its simple, I went to school to be a commercial diver and, my talents were required out here. Since I have been here I have met some really nice people, I work with most of them and I have eaten more lobster in the past four months than I have my entire life. Life is good. Incase you haven’t done the math yet I moved out here in October just after Thanksgiving, how time flies. Now it is February and the weather is finally getting cold, -6 today brr. Just kidding its nice compared to Ontario standards if you are really interested in what the weather is like out here check out The Weather Network. Also thanks to the great people at google you can find webcams just by looking at the map, here is a webcam of Digby harbor. Now for a view of the harbor from the eye of my camera lens last night after we got back from fishing.

Some of you may know that Norman Rockwell was born February 3, 1894 and died November 8, 1978. Growing up I was surrounded by his work as my mother loves his paintings.  Judging by how old some of it was I can only imagine my grandmother was a fan as well and passed on the love. So today I would like to share with you my favorite piece.

The Muscleman

Where's the beach?

This one had always made me laugh, I find most of his works were fun in nature where its obvious that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He just likes to pant things that people can relate to and enjoy.

For more of is work you can check out The Norman Rockwell Museum

or The Norman Rockwell Licensing Company. Still not satisfied and want more Rockwell? Well you can read up on him at Wikipedia, I am sure there is more there than you ever wanted to know.  Feel free to leave comments and links to your favorite Rockwell.

I will replace this with something better one day.Most of the people who view these blog entries will be family or friends. But for those of you how just stumbled across my blog,

I welcome you. I don’t know what direction my blog will have other than to not become one of those mundane blogs that no one wants to read.