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I was browsing the news headlines, and I came across this article. The site referred to in the article is advising Americans move to Canada to take advantage of the some 93,000 newly created jobs- 10,000 more jobs created than in the US.

I personally have a sore spot for advice such as this do to that fact that in post secondary school I acquired a fairly specific set of job skills. These skills would be best put to use in places such as the Gulf of Mexico, however, Canadians such as me are denied work visas despite that fact that US companies are unable to fulfill their manpower requirements.   Those who are not doctors or some profession where the US has failed to produce workers who exceed their Canadian counterparts are stuck on our side of the border.   They are then forced to fight for work in a somewhat saturated job market.

Now, I am not an expert on rules for issuing visas, but I have a suspicion that Canadian laws aren’t as strict as American.  This will lead to Canadians competing for jobs against Americans without the same reciprocation occurring on American soil.
More than likely I am wrong about situations like this, but nonetheless I feel that the highway of work is a one way street despite us being neighbours.

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