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What is this strange place? It feels familiar yet not all at the same time. I should visit here again and explore this strange feeling.


This is a shot of Digby’s harbor, where all the fisherman unload their catch. Except for that building that says “Casey” on it. Nobody sells to them haha, our crew uses them to ship our sea urchins to the states for processing. Missing from this picture is the actual fishing boats that are just off frame to the right.  I borrowed this picture from my cousin, it seemed nicer than any I have taken lately because winter makes them ugly. But credit where credit is due, you can check his photo page on Facebook here.  But why are you in Digby NS? Well its simple, I went to school to be a commercial diver and, my talents were required out here. Since I have been here I have met some really nice people, I work with most of them and I have eaten more lobster in the past four months than I have my entire life. Life is good. Incase you haven’t done the math yet I moved out here in October just after Thanksgiving, how time flies. Now it is February and the weather is finally getting cold, -6 today brr. Just kidding its nice compared to Ontario standards if you are really interested in what the weather is like out here check out The Weather Network. Also thanks to the great people at google you can find webcams just by looking at the map, here is a webcam of Digby harbor. Now for a view of the harbor from the eye of my camera lens last night after we got back from fishing.

I will replace this with something better one day.Most of the people who view these blog entries will be family or friends. But for those of you how just stumbled across my blog,

I welcome you. I don’t know what direction my blog will have other than to not become one of those mundane blogs that no one wants to read.